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Search engine submission is the most effective and inexpensive form of web site promotion on the Internet. An effective promotion is the most vital step in getting the web site exposure that you need. At least 80% of web site traffic is generated through Internet search engines and directory searches. Making web site submission a part of your on-line business campaign is essential. It is something you simply must do!

Figuratively, Yahoo! and Google alone make well over 90% of the total online traffic coming to a site. Now that's impressive figure, isn't that? So evidently, Search Engine Optimization not only complements a website, but it's also absolutely indispensable in today's belligerent market scenario - "if you are not raking in the moolah" through the net, then your competitor might be doing just that. It thus makes perfect business sense to go all out in exploiting the business opportunities at hand. So, go ahead, get hold of that extra edge for your business, and let your target audience find you online !!

It is important to understand how the search engines and directories work in order to meet their criteria and gain a good position when people do a search. Each search site has it's own criteria or rules for listing pages. It is of prime importance that your web pages be tailored for promotion to the top search engines and directories.

We know you are busy, so we offer packages where we review your site and provide easy instructions and cut & paste HTML Code solutions to prime your site for promotion. You don't need to learn everything about web promotion - let us do it for you, so you can get on with what you do best...doing business.

These are the key points includes to optimize your website:
  • Search Engine Optimization content development for the site with targeted keywords
  • Develop keyword density in links
  • Images optimization (load time with alt tag)
  • Optimization all the pages of the site with keywords
  • Creation of Search Engine Friendly Site Map
  • Spell Checking for all the WebPages
  • Load Time Monitoring & Reporting
  • Link Popularity development
  • HTML Validation Checking
  • HTML Design Analysis & Changes accordingly
  • Browser Compatibility checking
  • Keyword Density maintenance
  • Backlinks Development
  • Creation of Optimized Robots.txt File
  • Develop inbound links for the pages (it will increase PR of the site)
  • Develop outbound links for all the pages (it will increase pr of the site)
  • Work on meta tag with googlebot
  • Bloging for develop link popularity
  • Maintain forum for the pages to reach more visitor
  • Depth Keyword Research & Suggestions Related to Your Industry
  • Targeting of Unlimited Keyword Phrases
  • Link Reputation Analysis
  • Linking Strategy and Management
  • Link Management
  • PPC Management
  • Pay for Placement
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogs Development
  • Directory Management
  • Internet Marketing

Total IT Service is the place for Internet marketing solutions. Collectively, we have years of experience in providing Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing solutions.

Our goal is simple: to make the Internet an accessible and successful addition to all businesses. This means making your website attractive and visible to browsers by using natural Internet Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As leading Internet marketing and Search engine optimization specialists, we can help drive more unique visitors to your website. Web marketing is far more complex than simple submissions to search engines. To achieve increased volumes of traffic, your website needs to be engineered for searching: we can help! Welcoming you and your business to the Internet through successful e-techno Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of modifying a website so that it is considered to be Search Engine Friendly. If a website can be properly read by the search engine spiders, there is an increased probability of achieving desirable results in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

The primary task for a Search Engine Optimization company is to understand what the search engines are looking for and which techniques they give greater credibility to. This is the Holy Grail of search engine optimization and even though some companies employ "Black Hat" techniques to deceive each search engine, natural and ethical Internet marketing techniques that are approved in the Search Engine Optimization industry prevail for search engine listing longevity.

Search engine optimisation success is largely dependant upon the keywords required. Please fill up the Enquiry Form to contact us for making your Website Search Engine Friendly, Deciding about your Business Keywords, Start Search Engine Optimization Process with us and getting to first pages of Google, Yahoo and Msn, the three top most Search Engines on Internet.


Total IT Service Search Engine Optimization

Questions & Answers On Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


What makes my site more searchable?
Only intelligent keyword choices, well written source code and relevant content presented clearly to both the user and search engine alike will achieve good, long term results.

Search Engines ever changing rules
Each year we witness major changes instigated by search engines to ensure both commercial prosperity for them, and quality of results for the user. Google 'cleaned up' its listings several times to ensure only relevant sites are listed, and rejected sites using trick optimization methods. Yahoo! acquired several new search technology companies and launched a new spider and paid inclusion method. MSN launched a spider program as part of its move to dominate the search market.

In October 2004 we witnessed Google double the amount of files it spidered. With 8 Billion plus web pages held in its database, you would think that your website is just a drop in the ocean; but it's not!

What can Just Search do for me?
We understand that changes will always be a feature in the world of search engines. Several years of research have gone into feeding the knowledge that our team of programmers have, and we are constantly monitoring what gets results and what does not. Our aim is to get your website listed where you want it to be, so that you get the visitors that you need. As you are aware, it is all very well having a website with bells and whistles, but if you do not have the visitors, you have nothing. We work in partnership with all of our clients to ensure that our performance is exactly what they expect.


Advantages of SEO Program with Total IT Service

  • Dedicated and Trained Staff with responsibility to work towards the keywords submission and SEO Position achievement for all our clients.
  • Complete consulting and help in making the website SEO friendly before start of the work and guiding client to properly decode the Business Keywords for the successful achievement of the SEO Results.
  • Regular Reports generated through our own designed Software specially for SEO with the positions in each major search engine.
  • Feedback on Reglar basis and submision of keywords to thousands of Search Directories from our existing database for various industries type.
  • List of Directories available at any time to view for the Keywords Submission.
  • Enquiries getting generated from Search Directories will be diverted to Client email ID.
  • Communication on daily basis with Search Directories and Business Directories on Internet.

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